Ethena is a synthetic dollar protocol built on Ethereum that will provide a crypto-native solution for money not reliant on traditional banking system infrastructure, alongside a globally accessible dollar denominated savings instrument - the 'Internet Bond'. Ethena's synthetic dollar, USDe, will provide the first censorship resistant, scalable and stable crypto-native solution for money achieved by delta-hedging staked Ethereum collateral. USDe will be fully backed transparently onchain and free to compose throughout DeFi.

Ethena is airdropping 5% of the total supply of ENA tokens to users who interacted with Ethena and collected shards. Users who collected shards until April 1st, 2023 are eligible for the airdrop.

Season 2 of the airdrop campaign has also begun, which will airdrop at least 10% of the total supply and continue until September 2nd, 2024 (or when the USDe supply hits $5 billion). In Season 2, “Shards” have been replaced with “Sats”. So users who mint, provide liquidity and stake USDe will continue earning sats and be eligible for future airdrops. Also, you can earn more sats for each referral and by locking ENA.

Step-by-Step Guide:
  1. Visit the Ethena app page.
  2. Connect your Ethereum wallet.
  3. Now click on “Claim $ENA“.
  4. If you’re eligible, you will be asked to go to Liquifi to claim your tokens.
  5. Log in with your wallet on Liquifiy and click on “Ethena Airdrop” to claim your tokens.
  6. Eligible users have until May 2nd, 2024, to claim the tokens, or else they will be redistributed to the community.
  7. Season 2 of the airdrop campaign is currently live, and “Shards” have been replaced with “Sats”.
  8. Go back to Ethena and connect your wallet.
  9. You will need any one of the stablecoins like USDT, USDC, DAI, FRAX, etc. You can get it from Binance.
  10. Now go back to Ethena and click on “Buy”.
  11. Swap your stablecoins for USDe (Ethena’s synthetic dollar).
  12. Go to “Stake” and stake some USDe.
  13. Also, provide some liquidity to some of the available pools.
  14. Lock ENA for a sats boost.
  15. You will earn points in the form of sats for doing the above tasks.
  16. Also, earn 10% of the sats from each referral.
  17. Season 2 ends on September 2nd, 2024, or when the USDe supply hits $5 billion.
  18. For more information regarding the Season 2 sats campaign, read this article.

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