Elys Network

Elys is a Cosmos SDK built, fast layer 1 blockchain, and is the first, and only, decentralized suite of financial applications in the Cosmos ecosystem with multiple unique features. The Elys Network platform includes a webapp with integrated account abstraction for seamless onboarding, fiat on-off ramps, IBC and EVM connectivity.

Elys Network has confirmed that it will launch the “ELYS” governance token and conduct an airdrop to testnet participants. To participate, you must sign up for the testnet, claim faucets, make swaps, and stake tokens.

Step-by-Step Guide:
  1. Visit the Elys Network testnet page.
  2. Sign up with your socials or with a Cosmos wallet like Keplr.
  3. Now click on “Deposit” and claim testnet tokens.
  4. Go to “Swap” and swap tokens.
  5. Also, go to “Earn” and stake tokens.
  6. Also, complete the quests on BonusBlock.
  7. They’ve confirmed to launch their token “ELYS” and will be doing an airdrop for users who try out the testnet and be active.
  8. Additional functions will also be included in the upcoming testnet phases. So, make sure to follow us to stay updated about these phases and tasks.
  9. For more information regarding the testnet, see this tweet.

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