DTX is a decentralized perpetual exchange built with Blast native yield, supporting 100+ crypto markets with up to 100x leverage. Unlike order book systems, DTX's unique synthetic architecture guarantees a seamless trading experience for traders by eliminating slippage and ensuring guaranteed order execution. Additionally, it offers flexibility in collateral usage and market-making while simultaneously maximizing capital efficiency for LPs.

DTX has launched a points campaign called “DTX FUEL” and confirmed that it will airdrop DTX tokens to users who collect Fuel. Create an account at DTX and make trades to earn Fuel. You’ll also get 0.25% FUEL from each referral. The Fuel will be converted to DTX tokens in the future. You will also get Blast points and 100% of the Blast Gold airdrop for trading on DTX.

Step-by-Step Guide:
  1. Visit the DTX website.
  2. Connect your Blast wallet.
  3. Now click on “Trade” and create your DTX account.
  4. You will need some ETH on Blast first to create your DTX account. You can get ETH from Binance.
  5. You can then use Rhino.fi to bridge ETH or other tokens from other networks to Blast.
  6. Now, you will need WETH or USDB on Blast to trade on DTX. You can use Thruster to swap your tokens to WETH or USDB.
  7. Go back to DTX, select a market and make trades.
  8. You will earn points in the form of “DTX FUEL” for making trades.
  9. The more you trade, the more Fuel you will earn.
  10. You will get an additional 0.25% Fuel bonus for signing up with the above link.
  11. Also, get 0.25% Fuel from each referral.
  12. They’ve confirmed to airdrop DTX tokens to users who collect Fuel.
  13. You will also get Blast points and 100% of the Blast Gold airdrop for trading on DTX.
  14. For more information regarding the Blast airdrop, Blast points and Blast Gold, see our Blast airdrop article.
  15. For more information regarding the Fuel campaign, see this Medium article.

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