Die Last

Die Last is a MMORTS game on the Acki Nacki blockchain. It is focused on regeneration, which involves imbuing a decaying landscape with new life. Players regenerate the ecosystem of a rotten world through teamwork, deception, cunning, and strategy.

Die Last is conducting the first-ever in-game token airdrop, during which players must dig and craft Lost Objects, the shards of the forgotten civilization. They need to find a Spy Radio to craft NFT, which is a key to participating in the upcoming token airdrop.

NFT allows players to buy Die Last tokens. Players can use this possibility themselves or resell their NFT.

Die Last tokens are needed to participate in the airdrop. The number of required tokens ranges from 0 to 100 and depends on the NFTs, each with unique characteristics. The luckiest players will be able to find NFTs that require 0 tokens to participate in the airdrop, meaning they won’t have to buy any.

Didn’t find an NFT with a 100% discount? No problem; keep digging. In addition, each NFT you find will increase the number of tokens you get with the airdrop. For example, if you have 100 tokens in your wallet and crafted 6 NFTs, you’ll get 80 tokens during the airdrop. The more NFTs you have, the more tokens you will get during the airdrop.

Get fun and participate in the first-ever Web3D playtest. The game has no servers and runs entirely on the GOSH blockchain using the Acki-Nacki protocol. In future steps, anyone can build their game essence, which will also be stored on the blockchain.​

Step-by-Step Guide:
  1. Visit the Die Last Airdrop Page.
  2. Click “Join Playtest”.
  3. Create or log in to Steam.
  4. Find out the “Join the Die Last Playtest” caption and click on the “Request Access” button.
  5. Install the game, and explore and collect lost Objects.
  6. Focus on finding “English Spy Radio” items, but collect other objects for crafting as well.
  7. Important note: You’ll receive Steam’s email notification once we approve your request. They will do this on a limited basis to balance the load on the network. Once they are confident that the network is functioning as intended, they will accept all applications at once.
  8. Craft a message.
    • Once you have at least four items, craft a message using the Lost Objects.
    • Each object used will affect the parameters of the future NFT.
    • Ensure that at least one object is an English Spy Radio.
  9. Send the message.
  10. Mint the NFT.
    • Da Vinci’s Parachute Factory will generate an in-game NFT with unique parameters.
    • Visit the Die Last website to claim your NFT.
  11. Note that the airdrop operates on a first-come-first-served basis.
  12. Also participate in the quest campaign with Bitget Wallet and DeGame. Complete quests to earn rewards totaling over $3000 USDT.
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