Denarii Cash

Denarii Cash is a peer-to-peer multi-cryptocurrency wallet payment service (“Denarii Cash Wallet”) for smartphones available via an app on Android and iOS devices. The service uses Horizon, a client-facing API server for the Stellar Network and smart contracts powered by Ethereum and its underlying blockchain technology to store digital cash deposits and facilitate digital cash transfers between any two smartphones.

Denarii Cash is airdropping free DCASH tokens to their community members. Create an account at Denarii Cash and complete some easy social tasks to earn points. Also get more point for referring your friends.

Step-by-Step Guide:
  1. Visit the Denarii Cash registration page.
  2. Submit your details and register.
  3. Verify your mail and log in.
  4. Click on “Referrals” from the dashboard.
  5. Subscribe for the whitelist.
  6. Join their Telegram group.
  7. Submit your details to the page.
  8. You will get free points.
  9. Get more points for completing some easy social tasks.
  10. Also get more points for every referral.
  11. Download the Denarii Cash app for Android or for IOS.
  12. Install and signup using the same email you used to register at Denarii Cash.
  13. Points will be converted to tokens and will be delivered to your wallet after the tokens sale.

For more information about the airdrop see this page.

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