Data Ownership Protocol

Data Ownership Protocol aims to redefine paradigms by enabling user-owned data, empowering users to selectively disclose their on-chain activities. Leveraging zk-SNARKs and ECDSA, they empower users to precisely curate the information they wish to share regarding their asset holdings and transactions, all while maintaining seamless interoperability with the Ethereum dApps and liquidity.

Data Ownership Protocol is airdropping a total of 4,524,496,241 DOP tokens to testnet participants. Users who have participated can now claim anywhere from 467 to 9,822 DOP tokens.

Step-by-Step Guide:
  1. Visit the Data Ownership Protocol airdrop claim page.
  2. Connect your Ethereum wallet.
  3. If you are eligible, you can claim between 467 and 9,822 DOP tokens.
  4. Users who completed 100% of the testnet tasks are eligible for the airdrop.
  5. Around 10% of the eligible participants will be asked to complete zk-KYC.
  6. The token is non-transferable until it is officially listed on an exchange.
  7. Check the claim announcement tweet from here.

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