CowSwap is a Meta DEX aggregator that allows users to buy and sell tokens using gas-less orders that are settled peer-to-peer among its users, or into any on-chain liquidity source while providing MEV protection.

CowSwap doesn’t have an own token but they already have plans for a DAO. There’s speculation that making swaps on the platform would make you eligible for an airdrop if they create their own token.

Step-by-Step Guide:
  1. Visit the CowSwap dashboard.
  2. Connect your Ethereum wallet.
  3. Now make swaps on the platform.
  4. CowSwap has plans for a DAO and they may likely do an airdrop to early users of the platform.
  5. Please note that there is no guarantee that they will do an airdrop and that they will launch their own token. It’s only speculation.

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