Commodo is an IBC-native lending and borrowing platform in Comdex Ecosystem and uses the Lend module, which exists exclusively on the comdex-1 chain. Its main goal is to provide a secure, liquid, and easy-to-use platform to provide passive income for IBC asset holders.

Commodo doesn’t have an own token yet but could launch one in the future. Users who’ve done testnet actions on the platform may become eligible for airdrop if they launch their own token.

Step-by-Step Guide:
  1. Visit the Commodo dashboard.
  2. Connect your Keplr wallet.
  3. Get some testnet tokens from the Comdex Discord channel.
  4. Now visit the “Assets” section and deposit some tokens.
  5. Go to the “Lend” section and lend some tokens.
  6. Also try out the “Borrow” option.
  7. For more information on the testnet, see this Medium article.
  8. Users who complete the testnet actions may get an airdrop if they launch their token.
  9. Please note that there is no guarantee that they will do an airdrop. It’s only speculation.

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