Cartel Chain is the worlds first blockchain based direct to consumer marketplace that using a sophisticated smart contract, collectively pools individual consumers from all around the world, to create wholesale buying power, eliminating middle men, reducing global carbon emissions and saving the individual consumer up to 5x their money.

Cartel is airdropping 37,500 CRTL tokens to the first 2,500 participants. Just follow them on Twitter and Telegram, chat with their Telegram bot and finally submit your details. You will get 10 CRTL tokens and another 5 CRTL tokens for every referred friend.

Step-by-Step Guide:
  1. Chat with the Telegram bot.
  2. Join Telegram group.
  3. Follow Twitter account.
  4. Submit your ETH address.
  5. Your balance will be credited with 10 CRTL.
  6. Earn 5 CRTL tokens for each referred friend.
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