Capitalise is a platform that enables users to automate their trades using plain English text. Once the user has written the rules for how and when they want want to trade, the platform takes the written text and translates it into a series of algorithms that will automatically execute trades on their behalf.

Capitalise is airdropping a total of 4,166,667 CAP tokens to their community members. Sign up for the airdrop and complete some easy social tasks to get 85.5 CAP tokens.

Step-by-Step Guide:
  1. Visit the Capitalise airdrop page.
  2. Click on “Join the airdrop”.
  3. Submit your details and signup.
  4. Join their Telegram group and submit the code you received in the mail. (+8.5 CAP)
  5. Follow them on Twitter. (+3 CAP)
  6. Like their Facebook page and submit your Facebook name to this bot by entering the command “/facebook”. (+3 CAP)
  7. Sign up at the Capitalise platform. (+5 CAP)
  8. Create your first strategy at the Capitalise platform. For more information about creating a strategy see this post. (+15 CAP)
  9. Share your strategy on the Capitalise Telegram group. (+4.5 CAP)
  10. Post something on their Telegram group 10 times.  (+4.5 CAP)
  11. Add three friends to their Telegram group. (+10 CAP)
  12. Invite a minimum of 3 friends to signup at the Capitalise platform and create a strategy. (+12 CAP)
  13. Complete all the above-mentioned tasks. (+20 CAP)
  14. You will get a total of 85.5 CAP tokens.
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Telegram required

  • Join group
  • Post in group

Twitter required

  • Follow

Facebook required

  • Like / Follow

KYC required

E-Mail required

Estimated Value


Tokens per Claim

85.5 CAP

Max. Participants



  • Website:
  • ICO Price: 1 CAP = 0.24$
  • Ticker: CAP
  • Total Supply: 250,000,000 CAP
  • Twitter:
  • Facebook:
  • Telegram Group: