Braavos Wallet is the smart wallet built on StarkNet. Its goal is to provide a new kind of experience by leveraging Account Abstraction. It already offers exclusive 2FA and 3FA security features while simplifying the Defi enthusiast's life with 1-click Staking solution. This self-custodial wallet allows users to access all dApps on desktop and mobile, a unique capability on Starknet, the ZK roll-up on top of Ethereum (layer-2).

Braavos has raised $10M in funding from investors like Pantera Capital and StarkWare, positioning itself as one of the leading wallets on Starknet. It recently announced a strategic partnership with Starknet, and its community is the biggest and most dynamic in the ecosystem. They don’t have their own token yet, but it’s very likely they’ll launch one in the future. Users who download the wallet and use it to make transactions on Starknet would likely receive an airdrop if their token goes live.

Step-by-Step Guide:
  1. Download the Braavos Wallet.
  2. It is available on Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Edge, and Android, IOS for mobile.
  3. Create your wallet and save your seed phrase (This is the only way to recover this wallet)
  4. Fund your wallet with STRK or ETH. In the deposit section you’ll find multiple solution like onramping token from Binance.
  5. Now, go to the Pro Score Section and start interacting with the Starknet ecosystem using Braavos.
  6. You can also make swaps and stake ETH from inside the Braavos wallet.
  7. They don’t have their own token yet, but participants on the leaderboard would likely be eligible for their airdrop. There’s no guarantee that they will conduct an airdrop in the future; it’s purely speculative.

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