Boltt is creating a social health gamification platform and an entire ecosystem around health which aims to motivate people to maintain their physical activity in a unique approach. Boltt rewards people with BolttCoins for taking steps and achieving their health targets.

Boltt and Bithumb are jointly airdropping a total of 80,000 BOLTT to new Bithumb users. Create an account at Bithumb and complete KYC level 2 to receive the rewards. If there are between 100 and 999 registration then each user will get 10 BOLTT, if the registrations are between 1000 and 2999 then each user will get 15 BOLTT and if the registrations are between 3000 and 4000 then each user will get 20 BOLTT tokens.

Step-by-Step Guide:
  1. Create an account at Bithumb.
  2. Complete KYC level 2.
  3. You will get between 10 BOLTT – 20 BOLTT depending on the number of participants.
  4. For more information regarding the airdrop see this post.
  5. The rewards will be distributed as mentioned below:
    Number of participantsRewards per person
    100 - 99910 BOLTT

    1000 - 299915 BOLTT

    3000 - 4000

    20 BOLTT

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KYC required

E-Mail required

Estimated Value

$1.4 - $2.8

Tokens per Claim


Max. Participants


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Previous Airdrops:
Boltt Airdrop May 2018
  • Airdrop started 2018-05-06
  • Dropped: 35 BOLTT
  • Estimated value: $6.5
  • Total value: 2,500,000 BOLTT

Boltt is airdropping a total of 2,500,000 BOLTT tokens to the community members. Join their Telegram group, follow them on Twitter and submit your details to the Telegram bot to receive 35 BOLTT tokens. Also get 15 BOLTT tokens for every referred friend.

Step-by-Step Guide:
  1. Chat with this Telegram bot.
  2. Join their Telegram group.
  3. Follow them on Twitter.
  4. Like their Facebook page. (optional)
  5. Answer the math question to submit your details.
  6. You will get 35 BOLTT tokens.
  7. Also get 15 BOLTT tokens for every referral.
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Telegram required

Twitter required

E-Mail required