BlockGames is a cross-chain, cross-game, decentralized player network accelerating user growth for games through an ever-expanding universe of fun. The heart of BlockGames lies in the Universal Player Profile. This innovative feature captures users individual gaming journey, transforming their achievements into a collection of personalized rewards and experiences.

BlockGames is airdropping 30,000,000 BLOCK tokens to users who sign up for the airdrop and collect points. Create an account, complete your profile, and do simple tasks to earn points. You can also earn more points from each referral. Snapshot will be taken on April 8th. The points will be converted to BLOCK tokens after TGE.

Step-by-Step Guide:
  1. Visit the BlockGames airdrop page.
  2. Sign up with your email.
  3. Enter referral code”airdropsio” and sign up.
  4. Connect your Twitter and wallet, play games, tweet about BlockGames, and complete your profile to earn points.
  5. You will need to scan the QR code and download the BlockGames app to be able to play games.
  6. The more games you play, the more challenges you complete, and the more you engage with BlockGames on Twitter, the more points you will earn.
  7. You can also earn more points from each referral.
  8. A total of 30,000,000 BLOCK has been allocated for the airdrop.
  9. The snapshot will be taken on April 8th, so you only have a few hours to claim the airdrop and be eligible for the airdrop.
  10. The points will be converted to BLOCK tokens after TGE.

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