Binanace is the leading crypto to crypto exchange around with over 100 coins supported for deposit and withdrawal. Their mission is to be the infrastructure services provider for the blockchain ecosystem.

Binance is giving away a total of $1,000 worth of BNB to 10 lucky participants. Create an account at Binance, follow them on Twitter and retweet the mentioned tweet with the correct answer. Ten 10 lucky participants will get $100 worth of BNB each.

Step-by-Step Guide:

BNB Giveaway: $100 worth of BNB

  1. Create an account at Binance.
  2. Follow them on Twitter.
  3. Give the correct answer to the question mentioned in this tweet as a comment (correct answer is A. 1%) and also make a retweet.
  4. Ten lucky participants will get $100 worth of BNB each.

Chinese New Year Airdrop: Claim free Limited Edition Binance NFT

  1. Create an account at Binance.
  2. Follow them on Twitter or Facebook and tag a friend.
  3. Retweet or share this activity announcement with hashtag #BinanceCollectibles.
  4. Submit your details to this airdrop form. Participants from Nigeria can submit their details to this airdrop form.
  5. Visit this official announcement to find more details about the airdrop.

NOTE: Make sure to use ERC-1155 compatible ETH wallet address. Happy New Year 2020 NFTs will be minted and sent to eligible addresses within 14 days after promotion ends.

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Twitter required

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  • Single share

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