Bigbom Eco is a decentralized advertising platform that operates on smart contracts. They provide an advertising solution that is transparent, accurate, automated and immutable.

Bigbom is airdropping a total of 40,000,000 tokens to users who complete their bounty activities.

Step-by-Step Guide:

You can earn maximum 170 points from Twitter, 40 points from Facebook, and unlimited points for Telegram.

Connect with the Bigbom Telegram bot to claim your airdrop.

1. Be an active member on Telegram chat.
2. Spammers and scammers will be banned.
3. You must register a real account, and only one reward per telegram user.
4. Only discussion about the project, be respectful of other members.

1. Connect your Telegram account to your Bigbom account. (+10 points)
2. Join Bigbom Telegram Community. (+30 points)
3. Refer friends to earn unlimited points. (+35 points/member)
4. Refer friends to the Bigbom Telegram Group. The maximum points you can earn is 200 for this task. (+5 points /member)

There are 3 levels corresponding to:

Silver (500 points = 500BBO)
Gold (1000 points = 1100BBO)
Diamond (5000 points = 6000BBO) 

Sign up on their airdrop portal for more bounties:

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Facebook required

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