Augmented Finance

Augmented Finance is a DeFi liquidity protocol for high-yield lending and low-interest borrowing of digital assets, launched fairly and enabled by artificial intelligence (AI). They're on a mission to help users achieve and secure financial independence and to be their trusted long-term source of income and liquidity.

Augmented Finance public testnet is finally launched on Kovan! A $15,000 reward pool of $AGF will be distributed amongst participants for engaging in various activities. The more bugs, UI/UX inconsistencies, improvement suggestions you report, the higher chances to win better rewards.

Step-by-Step Guide:
  1. Visit the Augmented Finance giveaway signup form.
  2. Join their Discord testnet feedback channel.
  3. Join their Telegram channel.
  4. Follow them on Twitter and like and retweet this tweet and also tag at least 5 friends.
  5. Follow them on Reddit.
  6. Follow them on Medium.
  7. Subscribe to their newsletter.
  8. Now go to their testnet page.
  9. Connect your Metamask wallet and change the network to Kovan test network.
  10. Now get some testnet tokens by following this instruction.
  11. See this testnet manual and perform the testnet assignmnets.
  12. Submit your testnet activity details to this testing report form.
  13. Submit your details to the giveaway signup form.
  14. A total of 81 winners will be selected based on their activities to win up to $1,000 worth of AGF.
  15. The more bugs, UI/UX inconsistencies, improvement suggestions, etc. you report, the higher the chance to win better rewards.
  16. The rewards will be distributed to winners after the launch of the Augmented protocol (September 2021).
  17. For more information regarding the testnet campaign, see this Medium article.
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