Arweave is a new type of storage that backs data with sustainable and perpetual endowments, allowing users and developers to truly store data forever – for the very first time. As a collectively owned hard drive that never forgets, Arweave allows users to remember and preserve valuable information, apps, and history indefinitely. By preserving history, it prevents others from rewriting it.

Arweave is airdropping 0.05 AR to airdrop participants. Create your wallet and post a tweet to verify that you’re not a bot to get your reward.

Step-by-Step Guide:
  1. Visit the Arweave airdrop page.
  2. Agree to the instructions and click on “Continue”.
  3. Download the wallet key file and click on “Next”.
  4. Post a tweet from the airdrop page to verify that you’re not a bot.
  5. You will get 0.05 AR.
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Twitter required

  • Simple Tweet

Estimated Value


Tokens per Claim

0.05 AR

Max. Participants


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Previous Airdrops:
Arweave Airdrop May 2018
  • Airdrop started 2018-05-01
  • Dropped: 2 AR
  • Estimated value: $1.50
  • Total value: n/a

Arweave is airdropping up to 50 AR tokens to anyone who makes referrals to their Telegram group. Participants can earn 2 AR tokens per referral.

Step-by-Step Guide:
  1. Join the Arweave telegram.
  2. Click on the icon in the group @arweave.
  3. Click “Add Members”.
  4. Invite your friends with a few simple clicks.
  5. Contact the Arweave rewards bot.
  6. Input the desired email address where Arweave can send you claiming instructions to after mainnet launch on June 8th.
  7. The bot will silently check the records of @arweave and log your invitation activity. You will not receive a confirmation of your activity from the bot.
  8. You’ll receive up to 2 AR for every friend recruited, up to a maximum of 50 AR.

Visit official bounty thread to earn more AR tokens by supporting the project:

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Telegram required

E-Mail required