Amicorum Live

Amicorum Live is an innovative ecosystem that will disrupt and decentralize the ticket re-sale markets safely using blockchain and secure identity/Ticketing protocol.

Amicorum is airdropping 2,000,000 AMI tokens to 30,000 airdrop participants. They will take 5,000 submissions from old followers and 25,000 submissions from NEW followers. If you joined previous Amicorum airdrops or bounties you will not be eligible for this one.

Participants who contribute to the AMI token sale will receive a Double Bonus (Amicorum will give them a 100% bonus on top of their contribution) when they add their transaction hash to the airdrop form.

Step-by-Step Guide:

1. Follow Amicorum on Telegram
2. Follow Amicorum on Twitter and retweet at least 1 post
3. Fill out this form.
4. (Optional) Participate in the Amicorum token sale to receive a Double Drop bonus. If you choose to participate, submit the transaction hash of your AMI purchase at the bottom of the airdrop form.
5. Post your Telegram username and Twitter handle on this Bitcointalk thread for verification

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Telegram required

Twitter required

Estimated Value


Tokens per Claim

60 AMI

Max. Participants