Acudeen allows businesses to sell their accounts receivables to a network of investors allowing them to instantly liquidate their future revenue.

Acudeen is airdropping $52.50 worth of ACU tokens to each person who joins them on social media. Participants can earn an extra $45 per successful referral (up to 10 referrals).

Step-by-Step Guide:

1. Start the Telegram bot
2. Join Acudeen Telegram (2,250 ACU)
3. Follow Acudeen on Twitter (1,500 ACU)
4. Follow Acudeen on Facebook (1,500 ACU)
5. Submit your Stellar (XLM) wallet address and other details to the bot, including a screenshot of the Facebook page if you followed it.
6. Refer up to 10 friends to earn 4,500 ACU per referral. Referrals must be made to the Telegram group by using the “Add Member” function. The airdrop bot will keep track of your referrals.

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Telegram required

Twitter required

Facebook required

E-Mail required

Estimated Value

$52.50 + $45 per ref

Tokens per Claim

5,250 ACU

Max. Participants