Accounting Blockchain

The Accounting Blockchain is a tailored blockchain infrastructure built specifically for the accounting industry. Their unique protocol supports triple entries.

Accounting Blockchain is giving away $570,000 worth of AB tokens to help expand their community. Participants can earn up to $45 worth of AB tokens for registering for Accounting Blockchain and following them on Twitter and Telegram.

Step-by-Step Guide:
  1. Register for Accounting Blockchain. [only available to the first 60,000 people] (+500 AB)
  2. Add your Twitter and Telegram usernames to your profile and complete KYC.
  3.  Join Accounting Blockchain on Twitter. [only available to the first 12,500 people] (+2,000 AB)
  4. Join Accounting Blockchain on Telegram. [only available to the first 1,000 people] (+2,000 AB)

For more info see this Bitcointalk thread.

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Telegram required

  • Join group

Twitter required

  • Follow

E-Mail required

Estimated Value


Tokens per Claim

4,500 AB

Max. Participants