ABitchain provides a ready-made blockchain that allows easy construction of dapps and hyper-fast smart contracts.

ABitchain is giving away 10 ABTC tokens to anyone who joins their Telegram group. Participants can earn an extra 10 ABTC for each referral.

Step-by-Step Guide:

1. Speak to the Telegram bot.
2. Join the Telegram group via bot to receive 10 ABTC
3. Input your name and confirm that you are in their Telegram group.
4. Complete the captcha.
5. Click on “Wallet” and add your ABTC address. Follow the steps in the section below to create a new ABTC wallet.
6. Click “Referral Link” to get your referral link. Earn an extra 10 ABTC for each friend referred.
7. Click “Balance” to check your referral count.

How to create an ABTC wallet: 
1. Go to this page: https://kcash.com/download-en.html
2. Choose Android/iOS depending on your operating system.
3. Install the .apk file.
4. Set your passphrase and backup your mnemonic. These are private and should never be shared with anyone.
5. Scroll down in the app, click on assets and add ABTC.
6. Click on ABTC and click on “Receive.” This is the address you will share with the ABTC bot.

If you are Windows or Mac user you can download your wallet here: https://www.abitchain.io/

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