ZKcandy is a Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum, utilizing zero-knowledge proofs to accelerate transaction speed and decrease fees.

By processing transactions off-chain and leveraging Ethereum's security, ZKcandy enhances scalability, ensuring faster, cost-effective transactions while remaining compatible with the Ethereum ecosystem.

ZKcandy is running a testnet campaign for its users. They mentioned in their blog post that their ZK allocation will be utilized over the next 12 months for testnet and mainnet incentives, social growth and social campaigns.

Go to their campaign page and complete easy social tasks to stand a chance to earn a free ZK allocation from ZKcandy.

Step-by-Step Guide:
  1. Visit the ZKcandy campaign page.
  2. Connect your wallet and complete easy social tasks.
  3. Go to the ZKcandy testnet page.
  4. Click on “Enter” and connect your wallet.
  5. Complete various testnet actions and tasks.
  6. People who complete testnet actions stand a chance to earn free ZK.
  7. The team has confirmed that 50% of the ZK allocation is set aside for testnet and mainnet incentives, social growth and social campaigns.
  8. For more details about the testnet actions, visit this official announcement.

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