Super Champs

The Super Champs Universe is a gaming and animation universe with a motley mix of young athletes from far-flung places like Brontokyo, Nimbleton, Wispwood, and Zomberg.

Each Super Champ has been specially selected to attend the prestigious Super Champs Academy, where they hone their fledgling superpowers and athletic skills in mega-racket sports, battlesports, death-match parkour racing, and more.

Super Champs is running a rewards program for its users. Sign up for the Rewards Program and complete quests to earn Quest Points. At the end of the season, use your quest points to compete for CHAMP tokens.

Step-by-Step Guide:
  1. Visit the Super Champs Rewards Program
  2. Sign up for the Rewards Program by connecting your Metamask and following the registration process
  3. You can now complete various quests on the dashboard
  4. Quests include social, gameplay, invite-based tasks and you can earn Quest Points on completion of the task and claim them from the dashboard
  5. Quests are categorized Seasonal Quests, Special Limited Time Quests and Daily Quests
  6. You can earn more points by holding the Genesis NFT from the Super Champs: Racket Rampage Genesis Collection
  7. At the end of the season, use your quest points to compete for CHAMP tokens

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