Rho Markets

The first Scroll native lending protocol, based on an overcollateralised lending model backed by the Scroll team. Rho Markets primarily offers lending services for users, including LRT assets as well as mainstream assets like ETH and wBTC. Additionally, users will be able to stake $RATE to earn higher yields.

Rho Markets is running a Rho XP Loyalty Points (RXP) campaign to reward participation. The program acts an accounting system to distribute RATE tokens to early users in the future. Scroll tokens will also be distributed to RXP holders. RXP are soulbound ERC-20 tokens that are allocated in proportion to the amount supplied to the lending pools and staking.

Step-by-Step Guide:
  1. Visit Rho Markets, connect your wallet and switch the to Scroll network.
  2. Supply assets to the lending pools. The available assets are ETH, STONE, USDC, USDT, wstETH and solvBTC.b.
  3. Click on Supply for the pool you want to deposit to and confirm the transaction.
  4. The more you supply and the longer your deposit is in the lending pool, the more RXP you can earn.
  5. Also, borrow from Rho Markets to earn RXP.
  6. The more you borrow and longer the you hold, the more RXP you can earn.
  7. Deposit more than 0.05 ETH (or equivalent in stables) to collect “Rho Pets”.
  8. Each asset you supply is associated with a different Rho Pet.
  9. Users who supply more than 0.10 ETH will receive an exclusive invitation code. If a user invites others who supplies at least 0.05 ETH, the inviter receives 5% of the invited person’s points.
  10. In phase 1, points are allocated based on the user’s supply rate, borrow rate and number of users they invite.
  11. In phase 2, pet NFTs and team mode will be introduced to make the airdrop activities more fun and engaging.
  12. For more information about the Loyalty Points Program, check out this official announcement.
  13. To learn more about Rho Pets, check out the Rho Markets docs.
  14. Follow Rho Markets on X and turn on notification for further updates.

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