NURI Exchange

NURI Exchange is a DEX on the Scroll network which was inspired by RAMSES on Arbitrum. As an authorised fork of RAMSES that was audited by Yearn Academy's auditing arm, NURI inherits the security of their proprietary Concentrated Liquidity ve(3,3) implementation. Liquidity providers can earn PTL emissions which are non-transferable and will be converted to NURI at a later date. Also, Scroll markes can be earned as part of Scroll's Session One.

NURI has introduced Petals as a receipt of contributions towards the growth of the project and the overarching Scroll ecosystem. They’re distributing PTL to liquidity providers in the same fashion that traditional token emissions are, but are non-transferrable. At the end of the pre-mining period, the PTL supply will be snapshotted to determine the conversion of PTL to NURI tokens.

On top of PTL, liquidity providers can also earn Scroll marks as part of Scroll’s Session One.

Step-by-Step Guide:
  1. Visit NURI exchange, connect your wallet and switch network to Scroll.
  2. Select from ones of the pools to provide liquidity to.
  3. It’s recommended to supply liquidity to the USDC/USDT pool to avoid exposure to volatility.
  4. Alternatively, if you’re bullish on ETH, it’s recommended to supply liquidity to the ETH/wstETH pool.
  5. Click on “Deposit” for the desired pool.
  6. Select from one of the range types: full, wide, narrow or degen.
  7. The wider the ranges, the less risk you take but also results in smaller rewards. Narrow and degen require much more active management, but will yield higher rewards.
  8. It’s recommended to use the wide range type so you don’t have to monitor your position that often.
  9. Enter the amounts of the two assets that will be supplied to the pool.
  10. Sign the approval transaction to allow the dapp to use your assets and then confirm your deposits with your wallet.
  11. Since PTL is a liquidity-based airdrop, it’s important to supply a large amount (more than $5,000) to secure a larger allocation.
  12. The lifecycle of your liquidity position is also important. Liquidity providers that have supplied assets for a longer duration will earn more PTL.
  13. Scroll marks can also be earned for providing liquidity to the NURI Exchange.
  14. Follow NURI on X for further updates.

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