Mantle Network is dedicated to building an EVM-compatible scaling solution for Ethereum. This means that all contracts and tools running on Ethereum can operate on the Mantle Network with minimal modifications. Taking advantage of its modular architecture, Mantle Network combines an optimistic rollup with various innovative data availability solutions, providing cheaper and more accessible data availability while inheriting the security of Ethereum.

Mantle is running the first season of the Methamorphosis campaign. The campaign will last for 100 days, and users can collect Powder daily across their mETH positions on partner protocols.

Powder can be converted to the COOK token, which is the future governance token for Mantle LSP. A total of 200M COOK tokens will be allocated for this campaign.

Step-by-Step Guide:
  1. Visit the Mantle airdrop page.
  2. Connect your wallet.
  3. Now bind the referral code “airdropsio“.
  4. Ensure to have some Mantle Staked Ether (mETH).
  5. You can also get mETH by staking ETH. If you don’t have ETH, get them on Binance.
  6. Now you can earn free Powder daily for opening mETH positions on partner protocols.
  7. Check out the official tweet to see the complete list of supported protocols.
  8. You can also find the Powder rate for various protocols in the tweet.
  9. Powder can be converted to the COOK token, which is the future governance token for Mantle LSP
  10. mETH holders interested in extra risk and rewards can choose to upgrade to the new Liquid Restaking Token, $cmETH, when it’s released.
  11. During the rollout, there might be a transition period where both $mETH and $cmETH positions are tracked.
  12. The total supply of $COOK and the conversion rates of Powder into $COOK will be announced later.
  13. Claims will start on or before the day the token is tradable on exchanges.
  14. Puff community will receive an additional COOK allocation.
  15. You can also earn more Powder by inviting your friends.
  16. Go to “See Rules” section of the campaign page to find your referral link. Once you have signed the message, you can view your link.
  17. Visit this official airdrop announcement for more details.

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