Griffin AI is a decentralized protocol that is designed to seamlessly connect blockchain technology and artificial intelligence. It serves as a foundational system not only for managing and interacting with Large Language Models (LLMs) and AI agents but also for facilitating any AI service across the spectrum.

GriffinAI is building a revolutionary platform for deploying AI agents within Web3 DApps. These AI agents can handle complex tasks autonomously, manage DeFi transactions, and even execute trades, aiming to make DeFi more user-friendly. Developers can create and monetize their own AI agents within the Griffin network, easily connecting them to different blockchain applications.

GriffinAI launched an early OG-list for subscribers. They also developed their own “Contributor’s Platform” where users earn points for training their first agent. In their FAQ and documentation, they mentioned: “Earned points can be exchanged for a future airdrop.”

Their platform is easy to use and action-based. Unlike many other projects, GriffinAI does not require you to lock in funds or complete on-chain tasks, making it a low-risk airdrop. Reaching certain ranks makes you eligible for their Signature, Soulbound NFTs on Base Chain. GriffinAI handles the minting and distribution of these NFTs. Their referral program can also significantly boost your rank.

Step-by-Step Guide:
  1. Visit the Griffin App and create an account.
  2. Verify your email account.
  3. Register via а referral code to get a significant boost as you climb up the ranks.
  4. The community members in their Discord channel will gladly provide you with a code.
  5. Connecting your social accounts and wallet is optional.
    1. Pro-tip: Connect your web3 wallet. This is the only way to claim their signature NFTs. While not mandatory, these NFTs are likely valuable for the upcoming airdrop. It works flawlessly with MetaМask.
  6. Open the News Voting page from the menu on the left of the dashboard.
  7. Vote for the top 3 news items by liking them.
  8. This earns you 300 points and helps train their AI agent. Do this daily.
  9. Complete the daily check-in after voting, to get 60 points.
  10. Checking in for 5 consecutive days gives you a 200-point bonus!
  11. Use your referral link to invite friends and family.
  12. Active referrals earn you many points as they climb the ranks.
  13. Join their Discord channel for early access and advantages.
  14. Early subscribers received bonus points, and joining Discord can give you a similar head start.
  15. The team announced they would be launching new agents soon.
  16. Keep a close eye on their Discord and Dashboard so you can start earning points from these as soon as they are released.

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