Captain & Company

Captain & Company is an online naval battle game where daring captains hire huge multiplayer crews to pillage for plunder and fame in epic high-seas clashes. Captain & Company is developed and published by KAP Games, a browser & mobile-focused gaming publisher. Captain & Company uses the $KAP token as its medium of on-chain currency.

Captain & Company doesn’t hvae their own token but has launched a quest campaign and hinted at a possible airdrop of their token. Sign up at KAP and complete the Captain & Company quests by playing the game to start earning in game items and Blast Gold. Users could also get an airdrop if theior token goes live.

Step-by-Step Guide:
  1. Visit the Captain & Company KAP gaming dashboard.
  2. Create an account.
  3. Log in and go to your KAP profile.
  4. Connect your wallet.
  5. Now, start completing the Captain & Company quests.
  6. You will need to play the Captain & Company game to able to complete the quests.
  7. When you first enter the game, you’ll have to make a temporary choice between playing as either a Captain or Company. Captains own ship NFTs and risk them when heading into battle. Company own nothing but get paid when the ships they help win emerge victorious.
  8. You will earn doubloons and mBlast for completing the quests.
  9. Doubloons are non-tradeable raffle tickets that players collect over the course of each season. Doubloons are automatically consumed at the end of each season and players are randomly sent rewards for each of their winning draws.
  10. mBlast can be exchanged for Blast Gold thereby becoming eligible for the BLAST airdrop.
  11. You could also get Land crystals for completing the quests which can be used to craft ultra-rare NFT land.
  12. As a Captain, you can also earn Nuggies by defeating other Captains and looting their Nuggies and random NFT drops, which can be sold on public marketplaces. Nuggies are an in-game premium currency that is purchasable in the Vault or can be earned by defeating other players. Nuggies can be withdrawn as $KAP tokens. Captain & Company is developed and published by KAP Games and uses the $KAP token as its medium of on-chain currency.
  13. Also, earn 5% of the Nuggies and mBlast from each referral.
  14. They’ve also mentioned [REDACTED], which could mean that they could launch their own token in the future.
  15. Users who play the game and collect Nuggies, Doubloons, mBlast and Land Crystals could also get an airdrop of their token if their token goes live.
  16. For more information regarding the campaign, see this article.

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