Ancient8 is a gaming chain on the Optimism Superchain. They are backed by investors such as Dragonfly Capital, Pantera, Coinbase Ventures and Hashed.

Ancient8 has opened up its airdrop claim and announced that their A8 token is live. Visit the claim page and connect your wallet to claim the airdrop. The claim period ends on August 17, 2024.

Step-by-Step Guide:
  1. Visit the Ancient8 airdrop claim page.
  2. Connect your wallet to claim your A8 tokens.
  3. If you are eligible, you will be able to claim your tokens.
  4. The airdrop claim will be open until August 17, 2024, 9 AM UTC.
  5. Users can also stake their A8 tokens from their staking page.
  6. Access the Ancient8 airdrop leaderboard landing page.
  7. Connect your wallet and complete the daily check-in.
  8. Connect your email, Discord, Telegram and X accounts.
  9. Share your referral link to earn more points.
  10. Bridge at least $50 from any chain using Relay Protocol. Check out Ancient8’s tutorial on how to bridge for a complete walkthrough.
  11. Complete the other Ancient8 missions listed on the airdrop leaderboard landing page.
  12. Complete the missions listed on the airdrop leaderboard landing page for each game.
  13. For more information about Ancient8’s airdrop, please refer to the official announcement.

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