AI Gram

The AI Gram blockchain was crafted by the AI Gram Foundation. It represents a bespoke solution tailored to meet the expansive demands of web3 AI solutions on a global scale. Tailored to enhance the user experience for all stakeholders, this blockchain platform offers Node Operators, Enterprises, and Blockchain Developers a suite of intelligent features, including streamlined execution and the elimination of gas fees.

AI Gram is running an airdrop campaign for its users. Chat with their Telegram bot and complete easy social tasks to earn free points. The more points you collect, the bigger your airdrop allocation will be.

Step-by-Step Guide:
  1. Visit the AI Gram airdrop Telegram bot.
  2. Click on “Get Ready” and enter our invite code “GZZN8Y“.
  3. Click on the Hot air balloon button on the lower right-hand side to launch the airdrop section.
  4. Now, complete the various social tasks mentioned on the airdrop page.
  5. The more tasks you complete and the more points you earn, the bigger your airdrop allocation will be.
  6. You can also invite your friends to earn free points.

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