100x is a decentralised exchange (DEX) offering zero fees, blazing-fast and CEX-like perpetual and spot trading from a self-custodial cross-margin account built on BLAST. 100x is built with capital efficiency in mind, using cross-margining for collateral management and taking advantage of BLAST native interest rates, providing an exceptional trading experience in every aspect.

100x doesn’t have their town token yet but has launched a points campaign called 100xP. Connect your Blast wallet and start making trades to earn points in the form of 100xP. Also, earn more points from each referral. Users who collect 100xP points will likely get an airdrop on top of Blast Gold if their token goes live.

Step-by-Step Guide:
  1. Visit the 100x dashboard.
  2. Connect your Blast wallet.
  3. Now click on “Login” and complete the signing process.
  4. You will now need some ETH and USDB on Blast.
  5. Follow our Blast guide to bridge ETH to Blast and also be eligible for the Blast airdrop.
  6. Then, use Thruster to swap some ETH for USDB and also thereby become eligible for the Thruster airdrop.
  7. Now go back to 100x and deposit USDB.
  8. Select a market and start making trades.
  9. You will start earning points in the form of 100xP for making trades. You can track your points from here.
  10. Also, earn more points from each referral.
  11. You will also receive bonus points for signing up with the above referral link.
  12. Users receive a share of the total weekly distribution of 10k 100xP based on their activity in the previous week.
  13. You will also receive Blast Gold for making trades.
  14. They don’t have their own token but are very likely to launch one in the future.
  15. Users who collect 100xP points will likely get an airdrop if their token goes live.
  16. For more information regarding the points campaign, see this article.

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