NX Finance

NX Finance is an AirdropFi and yield aggregator on Solana offering 10X leverage on Jupiter's JLP token. More leveraged opportunities are coming soon. NX Finance has been audited by Slowmist.

NX Finance have introduced the Point Nadventure where users can trade and lend assets on the platform to earn points. The platform offers leveraged JLP exposure to farm the Jupiter airdrop. Users can earn TVL points and referral points for a potential airdrop from NX Finance too.

Step-by-Step Guide:
  1. Head to NX Finance, connect your Solana wallet.
  2. You’ll need JLP tokens to enable leverage, which can be bought from the Jupiter DEX.
  3. Enter the amount of JLP to deposit and the amount of USDC to borrow.
  4. Click on “Add” and approve the transaction from your wallet.
  5. As per the latest updates, users can use vSOL as a part of the JLP leverage strategy.
  6. 1M vPoints will be distributed weekly to users who leverage JLP with vSOL collateral at a minimum of 1.01x leverage
  7. Users can also lend USDC to facilitate other user’s margin trades from the “Lend” page to earn points.
  8. TVL points are earned by depositing and lending. For each $1 lent, 3 points per day are earned. Each $1 deposited earns 1 point per day.
  9. TVL points are also boosted by taking part in the Xcellerator quests on the “Airdrop” page.
  10. Users can also earn points through referrals via the “Airdrop” page. Generate your code to earn 10% of all TVL vault points from friends.
  11. Create a team via the “Airdrop” page to unlock a bonus boost where higher team deposits give a higher team boost.
  12. For more details, check out this page from NX Finance’s docs.
  13. Follow NX Finance on X for further product announcements.

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