Mitosis is an Ecosystem-Owned Liquidity (EOL) layer1 blockchain that facilitates newly created modular blockchains to capture TVL and attract users through the Mitosis governance process.

Mitosis has raised $7M in funding from investors like Amber Group and Foresight Ventures and has launched an airdrop campaign. Users who deposit eETH or weETH into Mitosis will start earning MITO points, which will be converted to MITO tokens after the token goes live. Also earn more MITO points for referring your friends.

Step-by-Step Guide:
  1. Visit the Mitosis Expedition campaign page.
  2. Connect your wallet.
  3. Now click on “Join Now”.
  4. Go to your dashboard, connect your Twitter account and enter “W4EWD1” in the referral code field to get a 1.15x boost.
  5. You will now need eETH or weETH.
  6. You can get eETH by staking ETH on and get weETH by wrapping ETH on
  7. Go back to Mitosis, select a chain and deposit eETH or weETH.
  8. You will start earning MITO points for depositing LSTs such as eETH and weETH.
  9. Also, collect badges from the dashboard to get more points.
  10. You can also earn more points for referring your friends.
  11. You will also earn EigenLayer Points as well as 2X points for depositing into Mitosis, making you eligible for future Eigenlayer airdrops.
  12. MITO points will be converted to MITO tokens after the token goes live.
  13. For more information regarding the campaign, see this Medium article.

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