Hyperlane is the first universal and permissionless interoperability layer built for the modular blockchain stack. Anyone can permissionlessly deploy hyperlane to any blockchain environment, whether it is a layer 1, rollup, or app-chain, allowing that chain to communicate seamlessly with any other chain on which Hyperlane has been deployed. Hyperlane is designed with modularity in mind. Notably, its interchain security modules give developers control over their security model, allowing them to configure, compose, and customize security according to the needs of their application.

Positioned as a main competitor to LayerZero, Hyperlane has garnered significant backing, raising approximately $20,000,000 from notable investors such as Galaxy Digital, CoinFund, Circle, Figment, Blockdaemon, Kraken Ventures, and NFX.

Step-by-Step Guide:

By completing these tasks, you can enhance your wallet metrics for this protocol. There is no point system; this is for a potential retroactive airdrop.

Boost Source and Destination Chain Numbers on Minter.Merkly

  1. Go to Minter.Merkly Hyperlane. Alternatively, visit Minter.Merkly and select ‘Hyperlane’ from the top right corner.
  2. Boost your ‘source’ and ‘destination’ chain numbers by minting NFTs across various blockchains. Note: Avoid Ethereum due to high gas fees.
  • Tip: For destination chains, low gas options include CELO, GNOSIS, and MOONBEAM. Use these for cost-effective bridging.

Increase Transaction Volume by Bridging TIA Across UseNexus.org

  1. Ensure you have TIA and a KEPLR wallet. Buy TIA on a centralized exchange (CEX) and transfer it to your KEPLR address on the Celestia blockchain.
  2. Visit UseNexus. Connect your KEPLR and Metamask wallets.
  3. Perform the following bridges:
    1. Celestia $TIA -> ARBITRUM $TIA.n
    3. NEUTRON -> Manta Pacific
  • Tip: Perform these bridges on separate days to meet potential criteria. You can Also Swap any tokens to $TIA.n On Arbitrum from TraderJoe and Bridge from Arbitrum To Celestia via the Nexus Bridge afterwards.

Using Renzo Protocol on Hyperlane/Connext

  1. Swap ETH/Stables to $ezETH from your swap aggregator of choice or by using bridge swaps like Jumper across Networks such as BNB, ARB or OP.
  2. Bridge to other Networks:
    1. Visit: Renzo Hyperlane
    2. Connect Wallet
    3. Bridge to Arbitrum/others
    4. Repeat every few days

Add TIA Liquidity on Arbitrum via TraderJoe (Optional)

  1. Visit TraderJoe. Connect to Arbitrum and search for ‘TIA’.
  2. Swap some of your Stables or $ETH to $TIA.n.
  3. Add LP to the TIA-ETH pool. A small amount ($10-$20) is sufficient as it acts as a multiplier.


Additional Tips for Optimizing Hyperlane Usage

  • Formachain Interaction:
    • Formachain Bridge: Visit Forma Bridge, connect your wallets, and bridge $TIA from Celestia to Forma.
    • Optional NFT Minting: Mint an NFT on Modularium for 0.5 TIA.
  • Track Progress:
  • Key Activities:
    • Volume and transaction count
    • Bridging between Celestia/Neutron and EVM chains
    • Monthly usage
  • Further Actions:
    • Stake on Celestia
    • Experiment with new integrations as announced by Hyperlane Twitter and Airdrops.io Announcements.

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