Insolar platform is designed to enable the efficient formation, management, and reconfiguration of business networks. It focuses on business needs, enables shared business processes across enterprises, is aligned with current enterprise IT practices, considers the long-term total cost of ownership goals, and is both decentralized and scalable.

Insolar is airdropping 3 XNS (~ $3) coins each to max 3,000 participants. Participate in our exclusive airdrop by completing simple tasks and submit your details to the below form to receive your rewards. After claiming you can also invite unlimited friends using your referral link and earn 1 XNS (~ $1) for each referral.

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Step-by-Step Guide:
  1. Join Insolar Telegram group, Insolar Telegram channel and Telegram channel.
  2. Do not discuss airdrop related topics in the Insolar Telegram group. If you have any questions related to this airdrop, you can join the Insolar Airdrop Support Telegram group for asking questions.
  3. Follow Insolar and on Twitter.
  4. Your Twitter account must have a minimum of 10 followers.
  5. Retweet this tweet using hashtag $XNS.
  6. Visit, find out more about the project and create your wallet address. (Example address: insolar:1AokrjGIlBbINivvcROnHsup3EYHEROuo5yMPtBaZKqs)
  7. Like Insolar and on Facebook. (Optional)
  8. Follow Insolar on Reddit and upvote the last 5 posts. (Optional)
  9. Follow Insolar on Instagram and like the last 5 posts. (Optional)
  10. Submit your details to the below airdrop form.
  11. You will get 3 XNS (~ $3) coins.
  12. Also get 1 XNS (~ $1) coins for each referral by inviting your friends using your referral link. Referral system is uncapped, means you can invite unlimited friends.
  13. Check your referral balance using the form below.
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Your Twitter account must have a minimum of 10 followers!


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