Cybercoin seeks to be the digital asset to be used as a mechanism for empowering free speech of the cryptocurrency world while simultaneously resolving the issue of token velocity by means of smart deflation. Cybercoin is a Proof of Stake with deflationary and staking mechanisms coded in its smart contract. Cybercoin facilitates fair distribution via automatic token burning for each transaction provides passive rewards for staking as well as the security and scalability of the Ethereum network, therefore making it invulnerable to targeted 51% attacks.

Cybercoin is airdropping 10,000 CBR tokens to all airdrop participants. Visit the airdrop page and claim the airdrop using any browser wallet like Metamask. Cybercoin is already tradable on Uniswap.

Step-by-Step Guide:
  1. Visit the Cybercoin airdrop page.
  2. Make sure that you’ve already installed a browser wallet like MetaMask.
  3. Click on “Claim up to 10,000 CYBERCOINS!” and execute the transaction using your wallet.
  4. Make sure that you’ve used the correct Gas price and Gas limit as mentioned on the airdrop page and also have sufficient ETH balance to cover the GAS fee.
  5. You will get 10,000 CBR after you’ve completed the transaction.
  6. If you’ve any questions regarding the airdrop, ask in their Telegram group.

Estimated Value


Tokens per Claim

10,000 CBR

Max. Participants



Stay Safe
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